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Recent changes:

2016-10-27:Pictures from Venice Carneval 2016
2016-09-03:New images from Zambia
2015-03-22:New images from Venice Carnival 2015
2015-01-25:Again, more from Hamburg
2015-01-25:Some new impressions from London
2014-10-20:My latest images from Hongkong
2014-09-07:New images from Zimbabwe
2014-04-21:Added some recent Hamburg images
2014-03-29:New images from Venice Carnival 2014
2013-04-29:New images from my recent trip to India
2013-04-29:New branch: Portfolio with some models
2013-04-29:Added support for keywords
2013-04-15:New images from London trip Easter 2013 online
2013-03-26:New images from Venice Carnival 2013 online
2012-10-23:Built a whole new gallery software, so I do not depend on 3rd party software anymore.
Keywords are not supported at this time. Aiming for a second stage.
Also reworked most of my pictures - they now have a much clearer look.
2012-09-15:Added a new place: Ludwigsburg - Venetian Fair. Some added keywords.
2012-08-05:Removed some images, added others, reworked some. Re-build the whole gallery.
2012-04-14:New Topics Reflections, Storefronts and Streetart (taken some of these out of Hamburg)
2012-03-24:New images from Hamburg available
2012-03-04:Images from Venice 2012 are now online!
2012-01-30:This site is now purely in English.
2012-01-30:Keywords have been added to the images (not available for some older images).